A Night At Pullman

Friendships are a strange thing. I’ve always had the assumption that if people are friends with me, they should get along with each other too. I guess it’s a reverse of the “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” theory. I’ve been proven wrong many times, but I keep holding on to this idea.

This weekend I went to Pullman Wine Bar with some friends. Some of them had met before, others hadn’t, but they are all my friends so I assumed things would go well. In the end, I’d have to say that the group didn’t quite click. One person did most of the talking, and the conversation never really flowed. I guess these things happen.

We did enjoy some nice wines and delicious foods though. My friend Steph and I shared a bottle of white. Steph and I are not exactly wine connoisseurs, so I asked JB to pick a wine for us. We wanted something not too fruity, not to dry, something just right. He picked out a Amphibolite Nature, a Muscadet 2009  from France, that was very nice. We made our way through the bottle quite quickly.

Between the 6 of us we ordered at least half of the menu. My favourite items were the scallop and chorizo sticks with quince and apple, and the pork meatball ragout with mashed potato and beets. The cheddar and bacon gougeres were also very nice, I’ll have to try and make those at home one day. I took pictures of the food, but a point and shoot in a dark bar does not good pictures take.

For dessert I had the apple and honey semifredo. I was expecting a semifredo with both of those flavours, but it was actually a honey semifredo placed on a spoonful of apple sauce. Separately they were just ok, together they were better, but still not spectacular. JB had the red wine figs with almond graham and mascarpone and love it. It was so good he refused to share.

All in all I’d say it was a good night. I got a chance to see friends I rarely see and eat some good food. That’s the beauty of a good restaurant, even if there is nothing to say, you can always just enjoy the food.


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