Almond Butter & Apple Sandwich

I’m moving in two weeks. I thought that once I had sold the condo my stress level would go back to normal, but that hasn’t been the case. I’m a giant ball of nerves right now. I haven’t been sleeping well, and my eating habits have been less than ideal. I have a feeling I won’t really relax until all the papers are signed. Until then, I think the best I can do is watch what I eat, and try and get as much sleep as I can.

This is an attempt at healthy eating. It’s nothing special, just some toast with almond butter, apple slices and a drizzle of honey, but it’s better for me than eating the entire box of chocolates I was actually craving. I don’t think I’ll be able to post much in the next couple of weeks. My days are filled with work, organizing, and packing. There’s not much time to cook, and there’s no space for pictures. Once I’m settled in I’ll be back with some new posts.

In the mean time, if anyone wants to do a guest post let me know!


15 thoughts on “Almond Butter & Apple Sandwich

  1. I often eat apple and almond butter together but never thought to drizzle honey over top, go figure! I wonder if maple syrup would work too (though it is a little more liquidy…)!

  2. Good luck with the move! Can’t wait to see what you cook up for us in your new kitchen. This is much better than a box of chocolates, but I can completely understand the craving.

  3. Best wishes during your move! When I’m stressed out, I tend to eat more, so it’s great that you’re trying to eat healthy, at least if you eat more healthily, it’s not so bad.

  4. Good luck on the move. I hope all goes smoothly…BTW I would eat nut butter of some sort everyday if I could…Love the applea nd almond butter sandwich.

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