The people at Canadian Beef are once again offering a scholarship to Eat Write Retreatthis year. I tried to win one last year, but sadly the random selection gods were not smiling on me. I’m giving it another shot this year with an extra beefy recipe.

This recipe for Tourtiere, a French Canadian meat pie, is adapted from this recipe by Martin Picard. If you’ve ever seen The Wild Chef you know Martin is a little special, and if you’ve seen this episode of The Layover you know he takes Celine Dion very seriously. But to really appreciate Martin Picard, you need to eat at Au Pied de Cochon, his restaurant where traditional French Canadian meals are turned extraordinary (mostly through the addition of copious amounts of foie gras). I managed to get reservations to the PDC Cabane a Sucre for this season and to get myself ready I decided to try this recipe.


The original recipe called for pork, but I swapped the pork shoulder for blade roast and the ground pork for beef. The results were very, very good. Using two kinds of beef creates a nice combination of textures, and the different cooking methods for each adds layers of flavour. This is not a recipe that can just be made on a whim, it’s really a two day affaire. I made the crust and the filling on Saturday, then assembled the pie on Sunday. I hope all the beefy goodness is enough for the random selection gods.


20 thoughts on “Tourtiere

  1. Good luck! I’ve got my fingers crossed for you… I absolutely loved EWR last year and met so many great bloggers. It really is a wonderful conference, especially when you manage to land a scholarship to help with the costs! :) (I’m actually debating going again this year… depends on whether or not I’m able to find a sponsor.)
    PS – I love me some tourtiere. It’s been ages since I last made one… thanks for the reminder that I’m long overdue!

  2. Good luck! At the least I think this recipe is a winner and plan to make and enjoy it many times. :) Sounds like a great opportunity, fingers crossed!

  3. Oy vey, this looks so delicious! I remember the first time I saw a tourtiere: it was on Chuck Hughes’ Christmas special. It looked so good there and this one is just as yummy! I can’t wait to make my own tourtiere! I believe I still have the Post-it that I wrote “tourtiere” on because I wanted to research it further before making ;-)

  4. Question, how long do you bake the assembled pie, and at what temp? I don’t see that information.

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