Cook and Date; A Good Idea In Theory

I’ve been complaining about being single for quite a while now, but really haven’t done anything to try to fix the situation. Online dating, speed dating, blind dates, I haven’t done any of that. So to try to be more proactive about my love life, I tried something new this week; Cook and Date.

The idea behind Cook and Date is that a group of singles meet while learning to cook from a local chef. Once the lesson is done we get to enjoy the fruits of our labour. And hopefully along the way meet someone who seems kinda nice.

That is not so much what happened.

The evening starts with cocktails and mingling. Because one girl was an hour late we didn’t get any appetizers till around 8:30. Cocktails and no food on a weeknight = drunk people.

Also because that one girl was late, the chef did a lot of the work without us ever knowing what he was doing. Only 3 people actually got involved in the cooking, and I use the term cooking loosely, as 2 of them were assembling a tiramisu (everything was prepared) and 1 grilled some sausages. The same guy who grilled the sausages decided to play TV chef, so the actual chef wasn’t even able to tell us what was in the food.

It felt like the majority of the people there knew each other and weren’t there to learn anything or to meet someone new. By the end of the night the drunk guys were asking people uncomfortable questions and not leaving them alone until the answered. It was really quite unpleasant.

I went into this thinking that at least I would get a cooking lesson, but I walked out with nothing. We were supposed to get the recipes by email, but I’m still waiting.  I still think the idea is a good one, but sadly the people at the event made it a terrible evening.

I guess I’ll just keep waiting for the cute guy in the elevator to talk to me!


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