Happy Canada Day!

This is probably the coldest Canada Day I have ever experienced, the high for today is just 17 degrees! (that’s about 62F). For the rest of Canada, that might put a damper on the Canada Day Festivities, but here in Montreal we celebrate Canada Day by moving. I don’t know why everyone in the city moves on the same day every year considering the chaos that ensues, but we do. I personally am not going anywhere, but some friends of mine have just come back from two years in Australia and I’m off to help them get their apartment all cleaned up. I’m really anxious to see them, and meet the son they had while they were down there!

Maybe afterwards we can hed down to the Old Port for some Beaver Tails! Don’t worry, there is no beaver meat involved in a beaver tail, just yummy deep-fried dough covered with a variety of sweet toppings.

Happy Canada Day!


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