Mixed Berry Pie

Pretty isn’t it?

It tasted good too.

But this pie was a disaster from start to finish. It’s a chocolate pate sucré crust with a mixed berry filling and mascarpone cream topping.

The problems started with the crust.  I planned on making it in a food processor, but for some reason it wouldn`t start. I couldn’t figure it out, everything was locked in properly. This didn’t hold me back though, I just made it by hand instead. I put the dough in the fridge to chill, and a few hours later I rolled out the dough. Or at least I tried to. It was impossible to roll. It kept sticking to the board and breaking into pieces. It quickly became to warm to manage, so I pressed it into the pie plate and let it chill over night.

The next morning I baked the crust and got to work on the filling. I followed the directions for the filling from this recipe, poured it into the crust and let it set for about 5 hours. At that point I was ready to put the mascarpone topping on. I whipped some cream then added some mascarpone to the cream and tried to whip them together. It became a clumpy mess. My mom told me to whip the mascarpone first, then add the whipped cream to the cheese. I asked her if I should start over, she said yes, so I did. Her method worked perfectly, but later she realized I had made two batches. I’m not sure what she thought I meant by start over, but apparently I could have fixed the first batch.

So at this point I put the cream on the pie. But the pie wasn’t even close to set. The weight of the cream caused the pie to overflow. I knew it would not be set in time to eat for dessert. When it came time to cut the pie, I was expecting a goopie mess, but I was not expecting the crust to stick to the pie plate.

It was a disaster.

At least it tasted good.

Because of all my problems, I’m not going to post the recipes but if you’re interested you can check out my inspiration for the pie and the crust recipe I used.

The next day the filling was set and the crust stopped sticking.


19 thoughts on “Mixed Berry Pie

  1. You should leave a review on the site to say that the filling doesn’t set in 4 hours (as written)… at least you will know that people checking out that recipe won’t experience the same issue! It does look fantastic though!

  2. Isn’t it wonderful to have your disasters taste so good but I know it’s frustrating when you follow a recipe and it doesn’t turn out right. I agree it looks very pretty and sure does sound delicious;-)

  3. I had mascarpone that clumped up too, for my flourless chocolate torte. I would love to hear from your mum how to rescue it. I just beat the crapola out of it until it sort of unclumped, but it wasn’t perfect!
    Your pie still looks delish.

  4. This reminded me of a cake I made once that just would not co-operate. But it also still tasted good, which was at least something to salvage the experience!

  5. Everybody has baking failures…I wasted so much on these. But, when you succed after the failures, you are more confident to take up greater challenges. Your dish looks very good…no one would ever imagine that something went wrong, unless you tell them. I appreciate the fact that you are your own critic. That’s very important too!

  6. I never would have guessed this pie was a disaster to make from looking at it. It’s beautiful. I love the idea of making a chocolate crust.

    1. Jill – Women are always btfueiaul when pregnant, and these photos bring the beauty out even more. Fabulous pictures and Lisa you are stunning in them.

    1. a breadmaker works the dough too much so you would get a tough crustFood Processor Pie Crust1 1/2 cups plain flour1 stick, less 1 T. VERY COLD Butter(unsalted is best, if you have it)1 T. Crisco1/2 tsp. salt4 to 6 T. ICE water1- 1 1/2 tsp. veginar or lemon juiceUse steel blade and put flour, salt, Crisco and butter (in chunks) in bowl.Process with on/offs until mixture resembles a coarse meal.Add the ice water and veginar or lemon juice in 1 2 T. amounts, running machine a couple seconds between additions.Stop processing as you see it BEGIN to form a dough ball.Remove and chill 1 2 hours before using. I know that a lot of people make up several recipes and freeze it to use as needed. Just make sure to not over process it.

  7. Oh my, I had a strawberry pie issue like this recently! Your photo reveals nothing though – it looks amazingly delicious.

    1. Possible, but it will be an inferior prdocut. Pie crusts should be worked as little as possible (not overworked). You want to avoid developing the gluten (like you want with a bread). A bread maker has a very small agitator and it will take a lot of mixing to make a pie crust.Lastly, pie crusts are best made by cutting up the butter into the flour (not stirring it into the flour). Food processor blades work well for that but a bread maker will not cut the butter into the dough. It will just mix it in.

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