Blueberry Boy Bait

Blueberry Boy Bait

Whenever we have an office potluck I bake something. And whenever I bake something the “moms” in the office always tell me I’m bonne a marrier (good to marry). They all seem to believe the idea that a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. There is a catch to that though; for it to work I would have to actually feed someone, and I generally don’t walk around with baked goods at the ready in case I see a cute guy.

When the people at Gojee asked if I wanted to participate in a virtual potluck I first planned to make a quinoa salad, but then I realized this is my chance to serve up some baked goods on a much larger pot luck scale. The blueberries in my fridge made my decision on what to make real simple: blueberry boy bait.

Blueberry Boy Bait

This is a combination of a Smitten Kitchen recipe and one of my moms. Blueberry Boy Bait is actually a really simple cake to make, it’s basically a coffee cake like batter with a ton blueberries on top. It kind of reminds me of an upside down cake, without the upside down-ness, if that makes any sense. The original calls for a cinnamon sugar crust on the berries, but I like a streusel topping. You can use fresh or frozen blueberries, though I prefer the texture of fresh.

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29 thoughts on “Blueberry Boy Bait

  1. I love blueberry coffee cake! Looks amazing :)
    I’ve thought about using baked goods as boy bait. I wonder if it’d actually work….

  2. I like the photo with the recipe on it! It just ties the whole thing together… sort of makes my stomach cry with happiness! Perhaps I’ve been baited?

  3. Although, walking around with a tray of baked goods would be a great ice breaker at a bar ;) although it may make you look a bit crazy. Whatever. These look amazing, and those blueberries are gorgeous.

  4. I think that’s the problem, maybe we should start walking around with baked goods like this just incase we come across a cutie?? This bait looks scrumptious btw! Lovely shots too. I especially like that shot you did with the negative space for the copy.

  5. I always get such a giggle out of the name of this cake… it feels oh-so-appropriate, really. :)
    I can just picture you now, walking down the streets of Montreal with a big tray of cake around your neck, like an old-fashioned cigarette girl. Come to think of it, that just might work, too! (Boys really are motivated by their stomachs… at least, all the ones I know.)

  6. I’ve made the smitten version of this before, cut it into squares, wrapped them in foil, and then into an ice chest for camping…then we threw them into the fire coals for warm breakfasts. I love the streusel idea! I’ll definitely try that next time.

  7. Love it, I cook something similar just with cherries very very delish! I think blueberries are the great ingredient here! Yum! Will go to potluck next week!;

  8. Perhaps it was just my oven, but I cooked it for 35min, and it came out burnt around the edges… Maybe only for 25-30 minutes next time…

    1. It definitely took 35 minutes to cook in my oven. I’ll check my oven temp and adjust the recipe if my oven if off. Thanks for the feedback!

  9. These were awesome! I loved them, although they unfortunately did not have much of an effect on my boyfriend. Hopefully it was just him being full from dinner, because I need him to take them away from me!

    By the way, took 35 minutes to cook in my oven as well.

  10. The name of this recipe has me cracking up… and remembering old times…

    Being a city boy, I went off to college in a small rural area. I hooked up with a local girl that just happened to pick a ton of blueberries that day with her mom… Best post-coital snack of my life.

    Definitely making this.

  11. Found this recipe today and cooked it immediately. It is great! Simple to do, good looking with crust, baked quickly and evenly. It’s also not too sweet. It’s almost gone already ;)

  12. I tried this recipe and really liked it so I’ve recorded it in my personal recipe book with the first direction listed as: Lock the doors.

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