American Cuisine

To celebrate Independence Day, Casey at Eating, Gardening & Living in Bulgaria has challenged us to make something that we think is American cuisine. If anyone wants to participate just let her know by June 27th , all posts must be submitted by July 3rd.

I signed up as soon as I saw the event, and ever since then I’ve been thinking about what american cuisine is.

It’s a tough question. My first thoughts went to burgers and fries, but that seems to simplistic. Many different cultures have come together to make up american cuisine, but does that mean I can just make an italian dish and call it american? Of course not, something about it has to make it american.

Then there is the question of regional dishes. Does New England Clam Chowder count as american? How about some gumbo? A nice bowl of chilli?

So I’m putting the question out there to you. What is american cuisine?


5 thoughts on “American Cuisine

  1. Tough because the various states have quite different cuisines….
    Some form of a pie is a definite must for dessert!
    What about ribs?

  2. I’m from the United States and I’m having a hard time with this question. I think this country primarily gets inspired by cuisine from other countries and then attempts to replicate it for a mass audience. Consequently, it frequently ends up being a less impressive version of the original because the profit motive generally wins out over quality ingredients and technique.

    That said, the earliest food in colonial America was British, adapted to available ingredients. So, if asked I’d have to go with chowder, brown bread, baked beans and pies- colonial cuisine.

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